Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Together America Can Do Better" than "Lie and Die"

I know this post is late to the game, but it is the result of a group debate at a July 4 cookout.

"Together America Can Do Better" was the Dems' new slogan being floated last fall. At the time I didn't mention it on The Haggis because it illustrated such a poverty of imagination that I couldn't find the will to stop vacuuming my rug and filling my dishwasher to comment on it.

Now comes Kerry's answer to the GOP charge that Dems are all about the "cut and run" in Iraq. He says that the GOP is the "lie and die" party. It is being bandied about in a vain attempt to make it buzzworthy. Other people are trying to use it to enhance it's appeal, but it all just seems so sad, so reminiscent of those old Family Feud episodes where the Dad would give the crappiest, most random answer that everyone knew was NOT going to be on the big board, but they all clapped and cheerily said, "good answer!" Ugh. I can't do it.

Nobody says "lie and die" in regular conversation. "Cut and run" however is part of normal American parlance. So why are the Dems once again displaying their pathetic lack of ideas? Yeah, we're the party of eradicating poverty! Just not in our own creativity.

Somebody help, please. Because surely we can, indeed, "do better" than a slogan that harks back to my 6th grade report card, "E is a very bright girl but would do better if she chattered less in class." It's like, "Dems: We Don't Suck Half As Bad as Republicans." Or, "At Least With Us, You Get Some Good Bl*wj*b Gossip Rather Than A Military Quagmire."

Way to capture the hearts and minds of the electorate, Dems. Why we aren't in power, I simply cannot imagine.


JP said...

Why is there such a lack of vision and direction from those who claim the leadership of the Democratic party? It is time for REAL Democrats to take up the challenge of service that has been forgotten, forsaken, and shamelessly shredded by Dems. who continue to act like Reps. It is time for those who believe in the Democratic principles to step forward and DEMAND the party stand up to the 1000lb gorilla holding the party down and show Republicans and all citizens what it means to be a Democrat.

Joe Tornatore said...

i'm doing my part. going to see Crosby, Stils, Nash, and Young tonight. they are doing songs from Neil Young's current and controversial album among a few dozen other songs.