Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Serenity Now!

It's my own fault for doing it, but I did it. I clicked on drudgereport.com. Now, I knew that things weren't going so swimmingly these days, on a world-peace-and-harmony kind of level, but I wasn't thinking, "Gee, I think we should stockpile water and cans of refried beans in the basement just in case."

Well. Please pardon me while I run to the corner tienda and get myself two cases of habichuelas refritas. Things ain't lookin' good, my friends.

Mr. Matt Drudge wants me to know the following:
--Armageddon is upon us in Lebanon, any day now.
--Armageddon is upon us right here in the US via Iran's Hizbullah, any day now.
--In spite of the record heatwave in the US, the power grid is somehow holding...but who knows for how long.
--However, the NYC subway system and LaGuardia airport lost power for much of the morning.
--A tropical depression has formed off the coast of North Carolina.
--"Those visiting rural areas this summer should take precautions to avoid contracting bubonic plague, the [California] Department of Health warned Monday."

And, as if it couldn't get bad enough: "RUSH LIMBAUGH REMAINS TOP TALKER [on] NYC [radio]..."

Serenity Now!!

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