Monday, July 10, 2006

E Gets an F in Baseball 101

Here is a quiz that I failed miserably. I am part of a baseball family, full of people who know stats and players and numbers and even teams' old names before they were The Iowa City Sentinels or whatever. As you can tell, the only baseball I know is Red Sox, and that is simply because I like being welcome for family holidays. By "know Red Sox" I mean of course that I know who plays for them (mostly) and I know who we like to beat (Yankees). I leave the real, talmudic baseball knowledge to the rest of my kinfolk. Me, I'm more about, "OMG--isn't it great that Nomar married Mia?!" or "Why doesn't that guy cut his hair; he's like Andre Agassi circa 1988!" You know, the really important stuff.

In any event, here is ESPN's 50-question Baseball 101 quiz. Sadly, no questions about Jewish Speed Dating with Theo Epstein...


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Anonymous said...

OK, I am hardly a huge follower of baseball, but neither am I an illiterate on the subject. Was this test REALLY supposed to be _elementary_ baseball facts? Cause I got about 1/2 through and realized I was eeny-meenying pretty much every answer. Come on!