Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Questions for Karl

Y'all. Through a cavalcade of manifold and serendipitous events, I am going to meet Karl Rove at the end of the month.


Me--and that d*mn ring burning a hole in my pocket--heading on up to Mount Doom to go face to face with Sauron himself.

What to say?

Suggestions, please! (Knowing of course the real answer is "nice to meet you; thanks for coming,") but it's fun to imagine What Might Be if only I had no internal monologue or external need to stay out of Gitmo...


Anonymous said...

You could always ask him "Pardon me, does George have strings or is he a hand puppet? I've always wondered."

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the "E inserts foot in mouth" posts following this showdown!

Raine said...


Why aren't you in jail with the rest of the crooks?"