Monday, July 10, 2006

Continuous Partial Attention

You can find a very interesting post here JohnMac'sRants
about the effects of technology on our lives, about the phenomenon of "continuous partial attention" wherein we are constantly "monitoring as many inputs as possible, paying partial attention to each. We keep what we consider to be the highest priority contact or activity in greatest focus and constantly scan the periphery to see if something more important should be displacing our current top choice."

I've been guilty of just that on my "days off" with The Bambina that I have stopped bringing my laptop out of my home office. It forces me to be truly present with and focused on her, rather than feeling harried by checking emails for any client needs. What they request at 11am on my Day Off, I can aptly provide them at 1pm during naptime. Otherwise, I'm cheating everyone: my client, myself, and my most important client of all: Bambina.

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