Monday, July 17, 2006

There's No Place Like Dome

This view (and others like it) is why I live in DC. It's also why I care about politics. You can't walk past this every day and not think about where our country has been and where it is going. It makes me feel proud, not because of the people in it, but because of what it has represented for two hundred and some years. The cornerstone was laid in 1793, it was burned to ruins in the War of 1812, and rebuilt, refurbished and enlarged at various times over the following 100 years. I cannot imagine the psychic hole it would have left in us had the terrorists destroyed it on 9/11. The Dome symbolizes our democracy, both for good and for bad, more so than even The White House.

I will enjoy this photo's view even more because it will be 98 degrees with 90% humidity outside today, so I'm skipping the daily walk, leaving that kind of sauna insanity to the tourists.

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