Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stoopid Spellings for Kidz

I just picked up a flier at my local library; it was a "Child ID and Fingerprinting Kit." Only when I got home did I notice that its title is: Street Sentz: Common Sentz Tips for Safer Kidz

I hate to sound like the love child of William Safire and Andy Rooney, but WTF with the stupid practice of misspelling things related to "kidz"? I NEVER in my entire juvenile life put a 'z' at the end of words, thinking it was an 's." This is either dumbed-down nonsense or just woefully stupid marketing. Especially when the kit is a product of Radio Shack and The National Center for Missing and Exploited (and undereducated, apparently) Kids.

Stuff like this makes me insane, as if the hallmark of childhood is not being able to spell without the use of copious 'z's. I'd be interested to hear from the good people at TNCME and Radio Shack if they have any metrics on increased kit use vs. a kit that just says, "Street Sense: Common Sense Tips for Safer Kids." Because here's the kicker: the kit is in English and Spanish. Do they misspell it in Spanish? Any kits for keeping your "hijoz en las callez" safe? Nope. Apparently the stupidity is provided exclusively for innr-city Engliz speakerz lyke me.

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