Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm a Taker

Apologies all around to everyone for my recent and seemingly ongoing abdication of blogger responsibilities. I love reading what you all write, and love trolling around for fun, new, cool ways of thinking about things; however I just haven't had the time. I feel like I'm barely managing to post anything here, much less read the weeks of back-postings I owe my fellow blogger friends. Very uncool. So I feel like a Big Fat Taker. I write, you read, and I don't reciprocate. But not for too much longer. I swear. That's what weekends are for, no?

Incidentally, a friend asked me if I feel so cool writing stuff in a blog. I didn't understand the premise of the question. I would say, as would many of you, that we end up writing about the stuff that is precisely and decidedly UNcool about us. How else would you know that I don't poop in public toilets or that I tear up randomly about my Dad, or that I have a non-sexual crush on Uma and a totally sexual crush on Ewan or that I am rife with faults and peccadilloes and that I am prone to saying the wrong things to the wrong people sometimes...well, most times, because I think I'm funnier than I really am? More importantly, how else would I know some of that wacked-out stuff about YOU?!! ;) Because sometimes the uncoolest thing about you is the very thing you're compelled to write. Which is why I can't wait to get back to reading your stuff.

As Philip Seymour Hoffman (of all people) said, “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool.”


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Joe Tornatore said...

and i was taking the lack of visitation so personally. lol