Friday, July 21, 2006

Let's Ban Divorce

The news that the lesbian couple in Massachusetts (whose landmark lawsuit made it the only state in America where same-sex couples can marry legally) has split up (but has not filed for divorce) is sure to rally the foes of gay marriage, who will see it as proof that gay people cannot be trusted to protect the sanctity of marriage.

But here's the thing: heteros get divorced every day too. So, instead of banning gay people from marrying, why don't we just ban people from getting divorced?! Whaddaya say?!! Of course, that would have changed the lives of the following people:

Ronald Reagan
Bob Dole
Neil Bush
Rudy Giuliani
Henry Kissinger
William Weld
Newt Gingrich
Dick Armey
Phil Gramm
George Will
Rush Limbaugh - divorced multiple times
Bob Barr of Georgia - divorced twice
Alfonse D'Amato
John Warner
George Allen
Helen Chenoweth
John McCain
John Kasich
Susan Molinari
Nelson Rockefeller

If the preservation of marriage is REALLY what this is about, then why are heteros allowed to divorce? Why not just go ahead and get all "Ireland" about this, and just mandate one marriage till death do you part?

Wouldn't that be the best solution for those who are so very concerned about the sanctity of marriage?

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