Sunday, July 30, 2006

Seeing Double

The Bambina's friend/soul sister is spending the day with us today, so we went out to play. While we were there, a nice woman came up to me and asked, "Are your girls twins?" I appreciated that she obviously assumed they were both mine (not, 'are you the au pair?' or 'are they REAL sisters?'), but here's the thing: Bambina and Fiorelina look NOTHING alike except for the fact that they both are Chinese and have shiny black hair.

Seriously. If I could post a photo of them side by side here, you would be at a total loss as to how someone could ever get "twins" from seeing them together. Bambina is petite but sturdy; gymnast-style body, with really delicate features. Fiorelina has about 6 pounds on Bambina, is taller, and could not have a more different face shape, nose, teeth, mouth, ears if we made a concerted effort to have them look dissimilar. They are both totally eat-em-up adorable girls, but in very different ways, both physically and socially.

I could tell the woman was embarrassed because when I looked at her quizzically and said, "Nope. They're just friends," she said, "Oh, right" and then walked away. It didn't make me mad as much as it made me confused. It's not like Arnold Schwarzennegger and Danny DeVito, but it's more like Lucy Liu (from Charlie's Angels) and Ming-Na from ER. Both Asian? Check! Both have straight black hair? Check! Any other similarities? Nope. Different faces, different body types, different heights and weights, and CLEARLY NOT TWINS.

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