Tuesday, July 04, 2006

DC on My Mind

I'm sitting in my living room watching PBS where Stevie Wonder is performing live while the national fireworks are going off. It is the coolest thing because I can hear the booms and bangs of the fireworks from my house while sitting in the comfort of my home and with The Bambina upstairs asleep. I am watching them explode in the sky above Stevie Wonder on TV and hearing the noise a few seconds later in real life. It's awesome.

Every time I want to give up on DC, after a police bulletin about a mugging at 2pm 2 blocks from my house, I have an experience like tonight's that reminds me that living in DC is not just about DC; it's about being American. My local news is the national news. When I walk past the White House or Capitol on my way to a client meeting I always promise myself that if I ever lose the double-beat of my heart I have every single day in doing so, that I will pack up and move to Terre Haute or Jacksonville or somesuch town ASAP. If I ever don't feel humbled to be a part of this grand experiment, one part ecstasy/one part agony, I have vowed to leave within the month. I believe that if every person in DC made and kept that promise to themselves that we'd have a whole lot more REAL patriotism in our nation's capital, not to mention more cooperation and bipartisan statesmanship.

DC rocks. And never more so than because I'd be fresh out of blog material without it.

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