Thursday, October 28, 2004

World Series: Wicked Awesome!

The Red Sox are the 2004 World Series Champions!

Eighty-six yeaahs since they last won.

Total pissah for the Cahdinals.


Vigilante said...

Off topic: I can't find your original post regarding phoning out of state voters (Ohio. But I wanted to ask you. Since you've done it, and I'm sure it's a FAQ, but it doesn't do any harm? It's not counter productive? Voters don't resent intrusion from out-of-state voters?

Miko said...

Wicked majah pissah.

As to the above comment: Those of us who live in swing states are perfectly well used to campaigns calling oh, five, six, seven times a night. We also have out-of-state campaign volunteers pouring over the borders by the vanload to help canvas, create visibility, and run events. I wouldn't say it's resented. It's part of the process. The Dems are doing a great job of getting out, about, and on the ground this election. Hope we continue working this hard in future.