Sunday, October 24, 2004

Telly: Desperate Housewives

As much as I hate "America's Next Top Model," I LOVE Desperate Housewives. You need to check it out.

That's my PSA for the week.


Anonymous said...

I agree 1000 percent. These women are so devilishly the author of this site...

E said...

So kind. So kind.

I LOVE each of the characters. It is the new Sex and the City, where every woman feels like an element of each of the women is like her. I related hugely to Teri Hatcher's character.

On that note, you must check out for the before and after photos of Nicolette Sheridan who has done some major damage in the name of endless youth. Her before photo is really pretty and now she just looks hard, courtesy of cheek implants and some funky brow work.

Teri Hatcher is still a hottie, even as an older woman. I should be so lucky to look like that in my 40s! She rocks.

Keep watching! This show needs to hang around...only what will they do when Alias is supposed to return in that timeslot? Quelle Dilemma!