Saturday, October 23, 2004

World Series: Red Sox Roundtable

Top of the 2nd.
Sox 4-0 over the Cards.

Holy Mamatoli!

Some thoughts on these teams for your review, discussion and disagreement:

A) Although Curt Schilling played with his ankle skin sutured to his tendon to keep it in place (which I would not do for my own mother never mind a baseball team), David Ortiz absolutely deserved to be MVP.

B) Pedro (according to my boy S.) is a "serviceable" #1 pitcher and a fantastic #2 pitcher. The prognostication is that he will perform very well in this series. He WILL be somebody's Daddy before the series is over.

C) We don't like the Cardinals' road uniforms. (But that's just us getting all "America's Next Top Model" on you).

D) We are not afraid of Mike Metheny. In fact, we're more afraid of Pat Metheny.

E) What is it with Red Sox players and the fu manchu? As I've always said, there's not a man alive with a goatee who doesn't look better without it. (Yes, I'm talking to YOU! You're better looking that you give yourself credit for!)

F) There WILL be a Game Six, so those of you lucky dogs who have tickets (and you know who you are but we're not jealous no we're thrilled for you really), you can rest easy in the prediction of the DC fans.

G) What is Nomar thinking right now? "I should have been nicer in the clubhouse?" "$12 million, I guess, would have been enough?" "Looks like Cabrera was a good deal after all?" "Well, at least my wife has a world championship..."

H) Fun fact for those of you still reading: you can't see the B on the helmets because they are covered in pine tar. Call S for more details.

Ohmigod!! The kid who got hit in the teeth is holding up a sign saying, "You broke the curse and my teeth!"

That's cool.

Stay tuned.

Short Story Long: Beisahboll ha bin berry berry goo to me.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with a goatee. It is a Massachusetts tradition which I support.