Monday, October 25, 2004

Political: GWB Asleep on the Job--Again

Americans at home and our servicepeople abroad are clearly safer with George Bush and Dick Cheney at the helm:

380 MetricTons of Explosives Missing in Iraq
by VOA News
25 October 2004

The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed a report that 380 metric tons of explosives are missing from a key former military installation in Iraq.

IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei is expected to brief the United Nations Security Council later Monday on the disappearance of the explosives.

The New York Times quotes experts as saying the missing explosives are of a type that could be used to demolish buildings, produce missile warheads or possibly trigger a nuclear weapon.

U.S. officials are said to have been informed several weeks ago that the explosives had disappeared from Iraq's Al Qaqaa military storage facility. The newspaper says the site was supposed to be under U.S. military control, but it has been extensively looted and was not secure as recently as Saturday.


Vigilante said...

This is such a stunner of an October surprise, it's hard to believe it's an authentic story with legs.; it'll be even harder to classify or categorize it under the correct rubric: "stupidity", "incompetence", "blunder-fuck".

Is it for real? Is it for real? Is it for real?

If it is, it's GOLD!

E said...

Not to worry. They'll find a way to blame Bill Clinton.