Saturday, October 09, 2004

Political: Presidential Debate, Part The Second

This will be brief because today is the National Book Festival (brought to you by the Library of Congress and First Lady Laura Bush) and the whole dang family is converging on DC to attend.

So, let me just say this: the best line of the entire debate was the President's response to Senator Kerry's example of small business tax cuts. Kerry was using the example of "the President gets $48 for a lumber mill, blah blah, and he's considered a small business. He's not."

To which our dear President (he of "ob-gyns can't practice their love on their patients") says in an attempt to be witty, "I own a lumber mill?!"...................... He then looks at poor Charlie Gibson and says,

"You want some wood?"

I laughed till I cried. Then I laughed some more till I realized that I'm not a 16 year old boy and I shouldn't find that so funny.


Anonymous said...

Do you want some wood from the Internets?

Here you go: The President's ebay post[Live until they take it down]

Vigilante said...

The obscure reference that really threw me was the mention of the 'Dred Scott' decision. Because it wasn't in a complete sentence, I was confused. I thought maybe it was a random thought, a mind-bubble like the "Don't cry for me, Argentina" utterance from GWB's daddy. But apparently 'Dred Scott' is GOP-code word for abortion. But you probably could have told me that, being hip to it as result of hanging out with Delay's buddies in New York. . .

Miko said... has an excellent analytical piece explaining what Bush meant by "Dred Scott" and building a very solid case that it's shorthand for 'outlaw abortion'. Thank goodness, because I was in a room with a bunch of doctoral students in history, and THEY all went "WTF?" when he started talking about a decision as apparently relevant as backyard privies and "Fifty-Four Forty or fight!"