Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Political: As in baseball, Keep The Faith!

Dearest Democrats and Sundry Non-Republicans:

Enough of the drama! Enough of the hand wringing! Enough of "the only way we can win is to throw Bush back into Mount Doom."

There is reason to be cautiously optimistic. Think about it. You are the Sitting American President, and you are in a DEAD HEAT with your challenger? YOU are the one with the record! The benefits of incumbency! The Republican money machine behind you! The ability to take national center stage! Why are you in a DEAD HEAT with your challenger?! No sitting president should be polling less than 50%; this President is topping out in polls at 48%.

None of this is meant as a call to complacency, nor is it a statement of a sure thing. We still need to get out there and help, do phonebanking, drive students and senior citizens to the polls, keep up the momentum. For those of you on the other side, you might want to do the same for your guy. For those of you voting for Nader, I struggle to find the words to address you. But that is another post...

Short Story Long: No Liberal Hand-Wringing! No Conservative Posturing! This jump ball is still up in the air.

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