Saturday, October 23, 2004

World Series: Additional Real Time Chatter

Okay. Pursuant to the earlier statement regarding fus manchu (fu manchus?), we also extend those remarks to include White People With Cornrows. As I just said to someone, "It's so wrong, you wonder how anyone could think it's right." It's not, "oh dear, you wore white slingbacks after Labor Day." No, no. You are a white dude with cornrows! Take it from a whiter girl: no one wants to see your flourescent white scalp. Not even if you are pitching at the World Series. Mr. Bronson Arroyo, I am making a virtual citizen's arrest. Part of your sentence will be eating three squares at my house, because you, son, need to gain some weight.

But, back to baseball!!

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Anonymous said...

Just don't change anything until AFTER the series--so far it's workin...