Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hope Springs Eternal!! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

True, there is hope. But after Friday's come from behind, almost toying, Yankee victory over the Twins is there a Red Sox fan who doesn't also worry the team is walking into another cruel Bronx Bomber ambush? Is there such a thing as a Boston fan who actually believes this is the year when the Damn Yanks loom ahead...again?! Regardless, by now another close loss to the Yanks in the ALCS adds validation of the core reasons we love the Sox with a passion that grows stronger with each extra-inning, series-clinching, come-from-behind Yankee victory. And we'll no doubt salve our pain with the knowledge that the depth of our passion is something no Yankee fan could, or let's face it will, understand--soft, spoiled bastards!

Rik said...

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Vigilante said...

Go Bosox!

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