Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Links

Some stuff for you if you happen to be online this weekend:

First, an interesting article from Paul Maslin (former pollster for Howard Dean and Bill Richardson) on states Obama must win in order to beat McCain. The upshot? Barry needs to get out there and start chatting with folks who don't think they like him. And he might need to pick Jim Webb as VP.

Next, some photos of the devastation in Yingxiu, China. Truly unbelievable and awful. Especially the ones with the kids who have walked for 9 hours or who are waiting to be cut free from the debris. And the fact that 8,000 of the 10,000 people who lived there are now dead. It's devastation on an unbelievable scale.

Then this, an article via Carpetbagger, on how the VA has been trying to hold down the number of diagnosed cases of PTSD to avoid paying veterans the additional benefits that go along with such a diagnosis. Way to support those troops, Bush Administration!

And that's all you get because Bambina just woke up. Happy Saturday!

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Utah Savage said...

You are the go to gal for keeping me abreast of all that I need to know on the week-end. I'm still pissed off about New Orleans and the devastation still left there, but yes the scale of the damage in China is.... I have no words for it. And as for chimpy boy. (not to disparage the intelligence of Chimps) Did you catch his brilliant(sic) speech in Israel about Hitler and our democratic appeasers. That man needs to take a special ed course in world history.

Have you talked to Divajood yet? I promise, you'll love her. If I knew how to link, I'd send you her address, but you can find her in comments threads at my place.

have a lovely weekend with the Bambina and Mr. Haggis.