Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everybody Panic!

I took my first solo trip to a Walgreens today, wherein I picked up my own prescriptions, heard the lady behind me in the checkout line cough at the same instant I felt my hair move from her expelled breath, forgot my pen so had to use the communal one at the credit card swipe machine, and just generally felt like I had dived head first/mouth open into a teeming pool of grossness. All this after going to bed last night with a sore throat. Yikes.

So in honor of my valiance (=dramatics) in the face of mortal danger (=semi-mortal danger), I'm providing you with some scary links to start off your Monday AM.

First, the latest "E.Coli meat recall from 11 states" story for you. I'm talking to you, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin!

Next, an article on Forbidden Foods. Sounds more gross than scary? Then you haven't gotten to the "maggot cheese" part yet.

Up next, alarm about sodium benzoate. Which is in lots of stuff you eat and drink, most notably some soft drinks. Apparently it not only converts to benzene when mixed with Vitamin C, but it damages the mitochondria of your cells. Awesome. That's scary. What makes it gross is that the only reason sodium benzoate is added is to stop the cola from growing mold. Mmmm...a nice cold Diet Pepsi sounds great right now, doesn't it?!

Happy Monday! ;)

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Utah Savage said...

Oh god, what hath we rot? Did you read my grocery shopping rant? Called Frankfrut, Kentucky? Hillary just happened to be mimicking a cracker as I was unpacking my groceries, getting ready to boil me a frankfurter. Kind of makes you shiver doesn't it. Got me some almost expired green chili cheese dip, and Dr. Pepper. Yuk. What the fuck is the matter with me that I crave crap like that? I usually eat smart and sensibly. Now I'll haveto remember not to take my vitamin C.