Thursday, May 08, 2008

Early Bird Links

Some stuff for you today:

First, this on Obama getting too many votes, which made me laugh out loud:

Next up, an article discussing the ludicrous expansion of the gas tax holiday, which several states are trying to push through. Wow. You will never go broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people sometimes, huh?

Next, one of the year's most objectionable books is about a "gay" penguin family. Those gay penguins and they gay agenda! Rending the fabric of Arctic society!

And yet this book (thanks to NM in MN for the lead), which walks young children through mommy's plastic surgery, is not on any objectionable list. Wow.

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Utah Savage said...

You get the prize for interesting and hilarious tidbits. You are one well- informed momma. I would have called you a hot momma, but since I have a non-sexual crush on several female bloggers, and you guys may get together and call me fickle, which would only make me bitter. You well-educated, elitist, bowling, bitches.

It always tickles me to see you have come calling at my place. You sound pretty chipper in you ineffably cynical way.