Thursday, May 29, 2008

That's Immoral!

I'm referring of course to cheap shoes.

BBC America is airing a special on women married to cross-dressers. It's called something dramatic like Married To A Transvestite! or something. Oh. It's called Transvestite Wives: "Transvestite Wives looks at three transvestite relationships, as seen through the eyes of their wives and partners. In the Scottish Highlands, Sheila discovered seven years into her marriage that her husband Dennis was a transvestite. In Newark, 20-year-old Sam, is embracing her 40-year-old partner Chris' tranny lifestyle; and in Barnsley, Robyn, who has struggled to be accepted for her weight problem, at last finds happiness with her cross-dresser husband Dean."

My initial reaction? I was disturbed, but I couldn't immediately figure out why. Then I nailed it. My disquiet had nothing to do with "oh my lord how do women live with men who dress like women?!" I think when you love somebody, you love them. I wouldn't leave my husband if he started dressing like a woman. But you know why I WOULD leave him? If he started dressing like an ugly woman. I'm not kidding. THAT is what was bugging me about the men on the BBC site. They look like really unfortunate women. Dude, you go on with your bad self and wear that dress. But if you think for one minute you're going out in public with me wearing a dress from Fashion Bug and a wig from The Dollar Store you are out of your tranny mind. If I'm going to be seen out with my cross-dressing husband, said husband better look at least on par with ME. He'd better look at least to the level of a man-dressed-like-a-woman that I'd find attractive.

Does that make me simultaneously open-minded and shallow?

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St said...

Hilarious! I think I would feel the same way. And happy rebirthday, my husband and I will celebrate by finally registering as donors this year!