Tuesday, May 06, 2008

There's Always Time for Idol

Tonight is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night. Yep. They're going to choose from the 500 top rock/pop songs of all time. Let's see how it goes.

David Cook is doing Hungry Like The Wolf. Duran Duran lives! Simon will hate it, I bet. It IS a weird song choice to be honest. Oh. Simon says its okay and "good enough" to get through to next week. It was "feh" for me to be honest. BBDD and I were both wondering what happened to the orgasmic female moans in the background. You can't do Hungry if you're not going to have the woman going "uuuuhhhhhhnnnnnn!" throughout the song.

Syesha does Proud Mary, the Tina Turner version not the Creedence. Which I think is her error, IMHO. She's doing her usual second-best version of some diva song. Bah. Syesha! Stop the madness! Although, good job getting the dress shorter and workin' those hips while rollin' on the river.

Jason Castro has Shot The Sheriff. Because you know, if you have dreadlocks in your hair, you too can sing Bob Marley. Wow. That is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen or heard. Randy Jackson said it was "really karaoke." Like, totally drunk, stupid, white dude karaoke. BBDD says, "he's probably just high." That seems like a rather likely scenario when you see his smiley/whatever reaction to being told he just laid a monster dog turd of a song.

Archuleta does Stand By Me. And he does it nicely. Can't say too much more than that.

David Cook's second song is Baba O'Reilly by The Who. BBDD will help me write this one since I simply cannot stand The Who and generally refuse to listen to anything by them. His thought is that it "is not bad" because he did his own version, avoiding Roger Daltrey, "because you can't be Roger Daltrey." Yeah, what he said. Okay, so just went to YouTube to see the video. There's Roger with his rather tight 3/4 shirt and his Glenn Close-in-Fatal-Attraction overprocessed perm. Okay, I see it now. I still don't like them. But I get that you shouldn't try to be Roger Daltrey. Especially that hair.

Syesha does A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. I can't decide what I think. I love this song when Sam sings it. I think she sings it technically well, but I'm just not sure. Hmm. Anyone? Thoughts? Oh. She's crying. I have to give her credit for researching the song and for truly singing it from a place of understanding and meaning.

Oh my hell. Castro is doing Dylan's Tambourine Man. I'm sure because, "you know man, I once owned a tambourine and I like the name 'Bob' and whatever." Randy is being kind by saying he's "not in the zone." Oh he's in a zone all right. The zone of clueless mediocrity. Which is pretty much where most reality TV people comfortably reside, but not generally in the top 4 of American Idol.

Archuleta is doing Love Me Tender by Elvis. He's only 17 and just said, "I really researched it because I hadn't really heard it before." Aw, bless. His version feels really "104.5FM easy listening" to me. Not sure if the judges will adore it because Archuleta's fan base will think it's awesome. Randy just congratulated him for "caressing each word." Thanks, Randy! I have that "bad touch" feeling in my tummy now.

So that's the show. At least Paula didn't seem too drugged out this week. Actually, scratch that. I'm bummed that Paula didn't seem too drugged out this week. I like it better when she says all of her batshit crazy stuff, when she loses the plot, when she just simply seems to be a drug-addicted, sleep-deprived, meth-loaded trainwreck who nonetheless just has SO MUCH LOVE to give. Otherwise it's all just looking at Simon in his too-tight BVD shirt wondering why he forgot the shirt that's supposed to go OVER that one.

Okay, now it's time to get back to real voting and check the NC and IN returns...

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