Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Hump Day

You are now officially closer to Friday than Monday. Sorta Kinda-ish.

So, some things to get your day swinging. First, some more TV recommendations. How I Met Your Mother. We just saw the first season on Netflix, but the current series is on CBS at 8:30 on Mondays. This show is so funny I can't believe it took a lull in my netflix queue to make me watch it. Now, when I say the show is "funny" I mean funny to me. If you are me, or like me, or are friends with me, or find things like potty humor, a capella group reunions or slutty pumpkins to be wildly humorous, then you will also find this show to be funny. I'm thinking if you didn't go to college in the 90's you might not. But then again you might. If you're like me. The show is all about one guy telling his kids in 2030 How I Met Your Mother. Via flashbacks to today, we follow him as he searches for Mrs. Right, with the help of his friends. The funniest friend, IMHO, being Neil Patrick Harris (former Doogie Howser) as his horndog friend Barney. The show is on Season 3 on CBS, but get it from Netflix if you want to start at Season 1. And try not to hold it against them that they're having Britney Spears guest star in an episode.

Another show recently added to the Most Addictive list is Doctor Who, starring David Tennant. Yes, that Dr. Who. I grew up with this show in Scotland. We spent Saturday nights at my gran's house in Glasgow eating fish and chips and watching it. Well, it's back. We saw Season 3, then went backwards to Season 2, and will see Season 1 (which stars Christopher Eccleston, now on Heroes) as another incarnation of the Doctor. This show rocks because each time the Doctor "regenerates" he's a different guy physically and somewhat emotionally, but he still has all the knowledge of his hundreds of years as a Time Lord. I'm doing the show no justice here, perhaps because it requires so much explanation. HERE is the wikipedia entry if you want it. Otherwise, just jump in and start watching. The production values are proudly low, the dialogue sometimes proudly camp, but David Tennant as the Doctor is absolutely fabulous.

Okay, onto North Carolina and Indiana. One thought. Why does the media make such a big deal out of the fact that a large percentage of African-Americans vote for Barack Obama but have never made a comparable big deal that large percentages of white people have always voted for white candidates? Why is that news? So they can say, oh black people are just voting for him because he's black? Really? So all the white people who have voted through the years for their chosen candidates who happened to be white ONLY voted for them because they were white? It seems like kind of an unfair metric by which to judge voting choices. So if a Jewish person wins an election in a heavily-Jewish town, he only won because he was Jewish? He had not one single other electable quality about him? Come on. All I'm saying is that if we're not going to judge every candidate by the same standards, let's stop repeating stupid statements like "they only vote for him because he's black." A, because it's actually a racist thing to say, as if black people don't have the same though processes you and I do about an election (and as if my black friends who happen to be Republicans don't exist), and B) because it makes you sound stupid.

Next, a post at Glenn Greenwald, on John McCain's embrace of the Bush notion of Executive Power (ie, that "the judiciary should show respect for the President's authority"--huh?!): salon.com If you're not concerned, you're not paying attention.

Okay, that's all for today. Until tonight.


Utah Savage said...

I love your TV reviews. Due to my "news" addiction, I miss a lot of good stuff. There are also shows I boycott just on principle, but get such a kick out of hearing you retell--far better than the shows themselves, I'm sure.

And yes, I'm so happy today. Yet Hillary vows to keep going. Will somebody please remove the batteries from her ass?

And how it thrills me that you get out and about, especially when it means you're visiting me.

Beach Bum said...

Finally someone I can talk about the Doctor with and not get funny looks. I'm going ahead and exposing my ultra geekness and admit that during the Tom Bakker incarnation of the Doctor I was absolutely in love with Sarah Jane Smith. Now with her own show on Sci-Fi I can renew my one sided lustful affair.
As for David Tennant's Doctor he may be the best. I like his devil may care and his never say die attitude. I was sad though when Billie Piper left the show but she had a heck of a send off.

E said...

Sarah Jane Smith has a show?! I just saw the Season 2 show with her on it, and it was massive nostalgia for me. That's very cool. I love her.