Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Unity Ticket...

...and other ludicrous notions.

Please. There will be no Obama/Clinton ticket. You'd have to be twelve kinds of crazy to put someone on your ticket who will be used against you in the general election. Consider that there is video of HRC saying that she and John McCain are qualified to be President, but that Obama is not. If I'm McCain and HRC is the VP candidate, I am absolutely running that clip on an endless loop. Clinton made the strategic choice in the past few months of this campaign to go dirty on Obama. Having made that choice, she has put herself in a position from which there is no easy entry onto the ticket. You can't say that someone *just might* not be a patriotic American based on his pastor and then expect to run alongside him.

From a political perspective it also does not work. If Obama is truly running on "change" and getting rid of the Old Politics, he can't possibly have her on the ticket so firmly does she represent precisely what he says he's working to overturn. In addition, she brings nothing to the ticket--save her supporters--that would help in a general election. Obama needs to pick a Western or Southern governor/senator, preferably with military or foreign policy experience. Richardson/Webb/Clark (although not sure how that would fly with Clinton, Inc) or someone like them.

In any case, we can all get our panties unwadded. It's not going to happen. Not the least of which is because perhaps HRC wouldn't even want the job:

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