Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bambina Says The Race Is Not Over

In the car today I asked Bambina who she was voting for for President. I said, "Your choices are: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John McCain." She repeated each name out loud and then said, "I am voting for Hillary Clinton."

She then asked who I'm voting for. I said, "Mama is voting for Barack Obama." She asked who the BBDD was voting for. He said, "Barack Obama." We mentioned other family members who most likely would be voting for John McCain or Clinton. Then reiterated that we were an Obama Family. To her credit as a kid with her own opinions and strong personality, she said, "I'm still voting for Hillary Clinton."

Superdelegates, are you listening?


Utah Savage said...

I'm very curious why she supports Hillary. Could you have her write a piece to elaborate?

Beach Bum said...

My wife is still supporting Hillary and now says she will vote for McCain if (her words) Obama get the official nomination. Personally, my wife's statement along with other ladies saying the same thing being reported in the news smacks of behavior more inclined with small children. I tell my wife that Hillary ran a crappy campaign and went around only until recently believing she deserved the nomination.