Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chris Dodd Nails It

I'm watching the election results on CNN, and God bless Senator Chris Dodd. As you know, Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor for which there are limited options. Wolf Blitzer that hack gets Dodd on screen and gives him Cancer Face (that look I used to hate that people give you when they hear you are sick, that's supposed to communicate concern but really communicates pity, either faux or real). Then asks very somberly about Senator Kennedy.

Now, think what you will about the Senior Senator for Massachusetts (I happen to like him just fine), but I don't make light of anyone getting a cancer diagnosis. Looking down the barrel of the Mortality Gun has hit me too close to home to ever imagine that, were I in a different profession, someone might find it humorous to hear the news that I might die. So you'll get no jokes from me on Teddy. Or Karl Effing Rove for that matter. I don't laugh when people get scary diagnoses, even if I don't happen to like those people. Doing so is just this side of evil, in my opinion.

But back to Dodd. He just smashed Blitzer's faux concern right back at him by saying, "You know, it really bothers me to hear people talking about him like he's no longer with us; this guy is a fighter, he's positive, he's energetic, and I'd be worried if I were that tumor." You can argue that Senator Kennedy might realistically have 14 months left. But for the love of God, give the guy his 14 months. Because what I also consider to be this side of evil is robbing someone of whatever hope they might have, even in the worst of circumstances. And yes, even if it is Ted Kennedy.


Joe Tornatore said...

i got to watch more Tv. I thought Kennedy just had a seizure. Now I understand after stoppping here. It was secondary to the big C. Shame. he is an icon whether people like him or not.

Utah Savage said...

I'm very sad about Teddy. I wrote a piece called Tears for Teddy. I can't stand Wolf Blitzer and am always happy when someone calls him on his shit. Good for Dodd.