Thursday, May 29, 2008

Friday AM Linkage

A collection of stuff for you.

First. How badly do you need to play Gotcha Politics to say that Buchenwald was "merely a labor camp" and therefore it's not so special that Obama's great-uncle helped liberate it? If it scores anti-Obama points, then no problem dishonoring people who died there and the US servicemen who liberated the camp, right? Bastards. Not for being anti-Obama, but for being absolute *ssholes.

Next, a rather frightening article from National Journal about cyberterrorism against US networks (like that blackout affecting 3 states, Canada and 50 million people back in 2003), mostly originating in China. Absolutely soil-your-shorts scary.

In advance of National Geographic's special "Stonehenge Decoded," please enjoy this video of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap discussing Stonehenge's origins. You don't get much funnier (albeit dryly funny) than Christopher Guest. You just don't.


Vigilante said...

Yes, this was the best bitch slap in memory.

But "Fox News" is a contradiction in terms, E. So is "Republican humor". But Liz Trotta's "Osama-Obama ...both if we could" is still a great find as documentary proof of both perversions. I will definitely link this every opportunity.

Beach Bum said...

The next Pearl Harbor will more than likely take the form of an infrastructure attack on the United States. One report I heard years ago, before the internet, said there were several key transformer stations around the country that if disabled would blackout huge metro areas and that getting them back online would take month. Now if I was some smart egghead in the government I would have all the key parts for a "quick" assembly of such items should someone fire an RPG into such an important part of the electrical grid. But given that FEMA couldn't get water to people stranded in New Orleans after Katrina while Harry Connick Jr. drove in an out of the city several times with news crews I'm not holding my breath.