Saturday, May 03, 2008

Be My Library

Does anyone have a copy of "Cancel Your Own Goddamn Subscription" that I can borrow? It's the collection of William F. Buckley's responses to letters to the editor, and I so want to read it but so do not want to send $24.95 of my hard-earned liberal money to The National Review. If you, however, already have (suckah!), I'll gladly send you some ducats to mail it to me. Help a sister out.

No thanks, however, on your Rediscovering God In America by Newt Gingrich...

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Utah Savage said...

Hey twisted sister, get your own damn subscription.

Seriously, I used to listen to Buckley every Sunday evening. It's how I improved my vocabulary. It was also enormously entertaining watching his scalp move as he thought.