Monday, May 12, 2008

Messiah! Dinner Time!

The social security administration released its list of the Top 1000 baby names of 2007.

Apparently enough Americans have named their sons "Messiah" to get it to number 723. That's nice.

But don't despair. Jayden, Jadon, Caeden, Braydon, Kaden, Aiden, Aidan, Jaden, Caden, Ayden, Braden, Cayden, Jaiden, Kaiden, Aden, Caiden, Braeden, Jaydon, Braiden, Zayden, Jaeden, Aydan, Bradyn, Kadin, Jadyn, Kaeden, Braedon, Jaydyn, Aidyn, Haiden, Jaidyn, Kadyn, Jaydan, Raiden, and Adin; you all made the list too.

And let us give thanks for daughters named for what sounds to me like the space program but what sounds to the BBDD like a strip club: Serenity, Destiny, Destini, Essence, Harmony, Miracle, Charity, Journey and Armani. You're all on the list too.

Never fear, though. We still lack enough imagination to make anything but Jacob and Emily number one, for 9 and 12 years running, respectively.

ps--if any of these are your kids' names, I apologize for being an ass about it. Turns out my real-life name is higher on the list than Harmony. And my name is not a name you'd ever expect to see on the top 1000 of 2007 anywhere. Maybe 1887, but not 2007. Go figure.


Utah Savage said...

I made cornbread to have with my fried chicken tonight, and just as I wiped the grease off my fingers to come see if you'd posted again today, I read, Jaden, Aden Braiden...I got hysterical with laughter and I kind of short when I laugh too hard and pretty soon little bits of cornbread were flying out my nose onto my keyboard. Then I got to the stripper names and then finally to ARMINI for a GIRL's NAME! Oh my god, what have we become? A land of morons.

Utah Savage said...

I meant I kind of snort when I laugh too hard, but I was still laughing as I typed so..

BTW, I feel bad that I write such...well, savage stuff at my place. If only the primary would be overwith and I could get back to political writing at leas until the election, I'd spare you all the horrors of my sordid life. I think of you kind of protectively. You should call me or email me and ask if it's safe to open your eyes.

That said, I love your sweet comments, like one of my all time favorites was, "Clotlessness is next to godliness. Today I wasn't clostless enough, last week I was too clotless. Maybe next week i will be just right clotless. Two weeks of just clotless enough and I get to have surgical instruments shoved up my femeral artery to tinker with my heart. Thrilling to me. Probably pretty ho hum to you with all you've been through.

You are without a doubt my favorite blogger, and I know this will sound so arrogant and narcissistic, but it's because you really write. You don't use bell ans whistles to beef up you site. You write. About real life and politics and illness and motherhood. You are the best.