Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Like Me; You Really Really Like Me

Such a thrill to get a wee nod from the rebel grrrl over at Utah Savage: utahsavageand-award-goes-to

Thanks! :)

And, PS, if this had been an actual ceremony I would have been wearing this:


Utah Savage said...

You are more than welcome. And I'm sure you'd have looked lovely in it.

Vigilante said...


nm in mn said...

If I had a blog, and I gave awards, I'd also give you a letter. But I'd give you W.

For Wicked. You have a wicked pissa of a bog.

Congrats on your letter.

Stella said...

Very well deserved, e. Brava!

Beach Bum said...

Yes we do. And as Stella said, well deserved.