Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Somebody Put Us Out of Our Misery

Andrew Sullivan has summed it up better than I can, regarding Hillary's nine-point win in Pennsylvania. The most accurate line? "If Obama thinks he has a right to actually be nominated by the Clinton Democrats because he has won more votes, more states and more delegates, he is sadly mistaken. They will never let such a person win without a death struggle. And that is where the Democrats are now headed." Hello, President McCain:

andrewsullivan.theworst ofallworldsfortheDems


Vigilante said...

Yeah, E, here's my clip of Andrew Sullivan's piece:

But here's what she does have: total shamelessness, and an absolute belief that she is the rightful nominee. Shamelessness: the appropriation of the message and even the words of her opponent; the portrayal of one of the most privileged and advantaged candidates in memory as an insurgent underdog; the eager embrace of the tactics - and message! - of the Rove right if it could help in any way; the picture of a candidate who saw a 20 - 25 point lead dissipate into single figures as a candidate for momentum. What sustains her is this deep, deep sense of entitlement and an absolute refusal to let the next generation take over. She will take this to the last day of the convention if necessary.

Beach Bum said...

Yeah, she ain't going away. What I find almost funny is the Hillary argument that since she won most of the big Democratic states like California and New York somehow they wouldn't fall for Obama in the general election. As for "Hello, President McCain" the day she said that she and McCain had a lifetime worth of experience while Obama had a 2002 speech she stabbed her fellow Democrat deeply in the back. If she gets the nomination I will just stay home.