Monday, April 21, 2008

Ed Rendell Hearts Farrakhan

And here's the video goodness to prove it:

So how does Hillary Clinton feel that one of her campaign's strongest supporters is in the tank with Farrakhan? Will she reject and denounce him? Is her association with him reason for voters to wonder if she is unpatriotic? Or anti-semitic? And if the good people at ABC News were so good at their jobs, why was she not asked about Rendell's glowing praise for "the Reverend" during the debate after Obama was slammed for even knowing William Ayers? Seems this is a bit more relevant to Pennsylvania voters, no?

That is, if Mrs. Clinton continues to assert, as she did last week on national television, that any associations you have as a candidate for President are valid and "worth exploring"...


Utah Savage said...

Hillary and her machine must scare the shit out of the media. She got David Sushter banned from the airwaves for awhile, scared the crap out of Chris Matthews. The only MSNBC pundit who isn't cowed is Olbermann. He had her on his show last night and really made hr squirm. I'll bet between takes she tried to rip his head off.

The double standard does seem to hold, only in Hill's case it's the reverse double standard.

She compared herself and Obama and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. I've already written a post about Obama calling him The Most Elegant Man in America, and compared him to Fred Astaire. But Hillary as Ginger Rodgers? Not so much. I'm waiting for one of Ginger's relatives to express their outrage.

Anonymous said...

William Ayers hosted a fundraiser for Obama at his home. Was Obama in attendance there? Just curious about the depth of his involvement with this unapologetic terrorist.