Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Melange

Some links for you today.

First, a rather scary and well-researched year-long investigation over at Popular Mechanics on the top ten pieces of US infrastructure that need to be fixed ASAP. Cities on the list twice? Hi, Chicago! Now, imagine what we could be doing with the billions of dollars we're spending in Iraq. Maybe making sure a bridge doesn't collapse under you on your way home from work? Call me crazy, but I'm of the opinion that the terrorists don't win if we leave Iraq; they win if we let our nation crumble from our own sorry neglect.

Next, an article on Google executives in Australia who are chafing at having their personal information made public. The ones who want to load photos of your front door onto the internet for anyone to see. "Google Australia is expected within months to launch an application that will publish highly detailed, street-level photos of much of Australia, in a move that has drawn strong criticism from privacy advocates. While Google has defended the project, the internet company baulked when The Weekend Australian requested the personal details and addresses of the group's key figures to allow the paper's photographers to take pictures of their homes. 'Providing those details would be completely inappropriate,' said Google spokesman Rob Shilkin." I'll say.

Next, a link to some photos from a book showing some cool x-ray photographs. Nothing too significant, just another kind of cool and fun thing to keep you from really starting work today:

Now I suppose it's time for you to read that TPS Report Memo...

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