Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt

So the insomnia continues unabated, only now with actual daytime fatigue thrown in due to my tapering dose of the prednisone. So now I really do look like hell as I personify the antithesis of Beauty Sleep. No matter. The primary challenge I am now facing in my ongoing prednisone saga is that of, how shall we say, night sweats. Oh, and day sweats too. As my friend NM in MN would say, "I'm sweatin' like a fat kid!" Having been a fat kid for almost all the years that one can credibly be called a "kid", I know whereof NM speaks. And this is worse. Like, soaking through two shirts a night worse. And for the first time in my life (a life that once had me asking my doctor if perhaps I was missing sweat glands because I never seemed to perspire before completely overheating), I am going for a walk (not a run or a canter or a gallop or even a sashay--just a walk) and coming home with Pit Stains. How sexy is that?!

This whole year I've had a joke, whether it was random missing hair, loss of eyelashes, crazy skin reactions, grotesque tubes sticking out of holes in my body, nasty-looking skin cancer removal wounds, whatever, I always said a la Will Smith in Men In Black, "I make this look gooooood!" But there is just no spin for shvitzing like a shtunk, my dears. And what with my ongoing moon face development, I can only post one photo of how I'm looking these days:

Jus' playin'. ;)


nm in mn said...

Sorry to hear that your body is leaking.

Utah Savage said...

I remember my first hot flashes, the night sweats. I ran screaming to my gyno for HRt. Then got the damned uterus removed.

I am amazed at the humor you can muster for these difficult times. I'm such a wimp. You have my admiration.

Anonymous said...

You look damn sexy.......
JG from CT

Hang in there