Tuesday, April 29, 2008

That Ain't Wright

I just don't even know where to start with the whole Reverend Wright thing, except to say that he is obviously a person who loves having a platform and damn if he isn't going to use it.

Here's the link to the transcript wherein Obama denounces the Reverend's remarks and yesterday's "spectacle":

I've been trying to think all day of a characterization for what Wright is doing. I was about to give up when I read this on Wonkette: "Wright's 'notgiveafuckery'." That it IT! Here is a guy who just does not give a F what he says or does. But before I get all uptight about it, they also ended their liveblogging with this little perspective-giver:

2:24 — Ha, nevermind fuckers! It's over. To recap: Obama is having a serious friend breakup with that black preacher, who spoke at a place where some reporters eat lunch yesterday.

This post, by the way, over at Popehat details the event organizer: a Hillary supporter who has blogged on her dislike for Obama. Jus' sayin': http://www.popehat.com/2008/04/29/rove-is-a-pimp-he-could-never-have-outfought-obama/#more-856


Utah Savage said...

I did my own post on the Rev and then the denunciation. I can repeat the Rev post for you here:

Dear Reverend Wright,
Shut The Fuck Up!

I don't know if the Rev is in early dementia, or has a bad case of "It's not fair!!!" But he sure is full of shit.

Vigilante said...

Notgiveafuckery! That's Bush, too!