Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Dirtiest Debate

This debate is a shonda. A total travesty.

First, the dirtiest, most irrelevant questions ever. All about Wright and bitter and the Weather Underground. Stephanopoulos and Gibson should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Nothing edifying, nothing informative, nothing worth the public's time. Nothing that wouldn't also be aired on a political version of Entertainment Tonight. It's trash.

Second, if I needed any further encouragement to dislike Hillary Clinton this debate sure provides it. Hear me now and believe me later: I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. EVER. I've never seen a Democratic candidate go so negative on another Democratic candidate in a debate. She cannot help herself to behave in a low-class manner. On a question about her Bosnia lies, Obama said, "She is entitled to a mistake" and wanted to move on to topics like our economy. When asked a similar question about Obama, she spent minutes going over Wright and how that questions Obama's patriotism, flag pins and how that questions his patriotism, and anything else she could throw out that might question Obama's patriotism. Even after Obama said that the notion that someone he knows obliquely who lives in his district who did some terrible things when Obama was 8 years old should somehow reflect those views onto him is ridiculous. She should have let it go, looked classy and let the moment hang. But she couldn't. And here's the part that made me angriest of all: at no time while she was calling into question Obama's patriotism and fitness for office did she make eye contact with him. She never once looked him in the eye. For me that speaks volumes. If you are going to say that someone is not fit for office, you ought to say it to his face--into his eyes--and show the courage of your convictions.

I don't hate her. But oh my, I just cannot envision any scenario under which she would ever receive my vote. Not even for town dog catcher.


Utah Savage said...

It's hard to add anything to what you said in this blog piece. You say it well and with conviction. I can't say I wouldn't vote for her only because it is my responsibility as citizen in a democracy to vote. And I sure as hell can't vote for McCain. I don't believe it will come to having to vote for her--at least not at this point. If she pissed us off, you can be pretty sure she pissed off a few million other.

You are a wonderful writer and I have an award I'd like to present to you. It's the E for Excellence Award. I'm not technologically sophisticated to tell you how to pick it up at my place, but as soon as I get up to speed, I'll make the formal presentation.

Anonymous said...

I too am deeply deeply ashamed of Hillary and the way she is running her campaign but, if the unthinkable happens and she grabs the nom, I'll close my eyes, hold my nose, and make my X for her.

Because I am terrified that 4 more years of Republican rule will destroy my country.

Think SCOTUS and vote.