Wednesday, April 02, 2008

For the MOTs*

*Members of the Tribe.

And for anyone else who wants to schlep through a post about Passover. (Link to wikipedia on the holiday for the curious:

That's right, mes amis juifs! Passover is just a couple of weeks away, and that means it's time to start thinking about getting ready for preparing yourself for mulling over what you need to do before it starts.

First, eat lots of pizza. Twice a week till the day before the first Seder. Then order your dried fruits and other "moveable" feasts to keep the matzah mobile. See this post for a review of the deleterious intestinal effects of matzah:

If you celebrate Passover like we do (ie, with a small person, very short attention spans, and a need for keeping it fun), then you should consider the 30 Minute Seder: You can order it printed or you can download and print it yourself. It's totally kosher and it is going to Save Passover in this house by allowing us to really do it right within the limits imposed by a 3 year-old's attention span and bedtime. Nota bene: It doesn't hurt adult attentions spans either, darlings.

Maybe you want some fun for your Seder? Then head on over to for their very festive set of Ten Plagues Wine Glass Charms. They are funny and festive but also really nicely hand made. I want Locusts this year in honor of my ongoing grump whenever I get bad health news: "I can't buy a break these days! This week GVH, next week the goddamn locusts! F!"

Maybe you like to send Passover greetings or gifts via mail? I sure do. Mostly because I am a shut-in who has morphed into the senior citizens at "Del Boca Vista" (my parents' senior apartment building) whom I used to disparage for waiting eagerly by their mailboxes for the mailman to arrive. If you want to send any gifties like shirts or whatnot, you can get some at everything'sjewish: (This one is for Purim rather than Passover, but it's my favorite:

In any case, whether you spend the next few weeks clearing every nanoparticle of every atom of chametz from your home or (like us) will put the bread in the freezer for 8 days, it's never too early to get started. And if all else fails, just remember two things. First:

And second:

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Utah Savage said...

Oh my god, you are one great writer. I'm a savage, but I love to hear all the little details of other's weird religious rituals. I laughed until my gut ached and tears streamed. Now it's time for Hardball and I have to go scream obscenities at Chris Matthews for an hour. I'll be back. You are the most amazing woman.