Wednesday, April 02, 2008


At this late stage of the game, you're not still undecided are you? Okay, maybe you are if you have a job and a life and you don't sit around all day reading political blogs. I feel that. So to help you along I'm providing links to each of the candidate's web sites, specifically their issue pages, so you can do your homework and finally decide how you feel about our economy, our health care system, our schools, our national defense, our trade policy, our foreign policy...and whether you believe in your kishkes that Candidate A is the one for you.

Here is McCain's issue info:

Here is the link to the downloadable Obama Blueprint For Change, as well as links below to specific issues:

You can click here for HRC's list of issue positions:

Keep in mind that most of these issue proposals are not detailed, so you may have to dig deeper to get the full information. For instance, the "Undecided?" section of the McCain site is really just full of anodyne platitudes and calls-to-arms like, "This election will decide whether we choose to fight or announce surrender." Not super helpful in terms of how the war will be waged, paid for, ended. On the economy, his issues page is pretty short. Somewhat specific but not very detailed:

HRC's site requires you to dig about three layers to get Fact Sheets on her specific plans for the stimulus package, etc.

Obama's site also goes a couple of layers to the point where you can read more on the site or download a PDF of his various plan details:

Now the work is yours. So don't let me hear you say "that candidate is all talk and has no specifics!" Or "I think the candidates are all kind of the same, aren't they?" They are all different: in style, substance and idea presentation. And they all require a little legwork on your part to arrive at a decision.

Or, as George Bernard Shaw said, "Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve."

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Utah Savage said...

Did we really deserve THIS???? I did not vote for this stupid bastard. But I live in Utah where my vote has never counted except to cancel some stupid Mormon's, do what the bishop tells you to, vote. I want a change in the electoral process. No more electoral college. Every vote counts equally. Now that's democracy.