Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter? You Bet.

Regarding the whole Bitter Barry drama, here is an article that says it better than I can:

Oh! And here's a PRICELESS exchange from Fox News where she's trying to get this Man On The Street to bury Obama for saying he's bitter. Guess what? He's bitter (and voting for McCain). As the intro says, "Awkward!"

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Utah Savage said...

I'm bitter too, it's one of the reasons I send my lemon money to Barry. Hillary is one hard drinking bitch, oops, Royal Crown boilermakers with some women's husbands. Then they probably went out and compared the size of their guns. She is so damn condescending, thinking we don't all know how to shoot like Annie Oakley. I have a picture of myself at age eight or nine, standing in my espadrilles, and wearing shorts, and a sleeveless white shirt, left arm straight down at my side, right arm raised, elbow locked, Luger in my right hand sooting rats with Daddy at the city dump in Redmond, Oregon. Hell, who doesn't have one of those pictures? My Daddy took this masterpiece. Bring it on, Hillary. Let's arm wrestle.