Friday, April 18, 2008

Now THAT's Gratitude

I love you guys so much that I completely missed yesterday's Reader Appreciation Day. It was the idea of the OTHER Mother (which I found via Average Jane): theothermother

Her ideas were:
1. The Madonna Option: Write a post thanking your readers for putting up with your foibles, mistakes, and eccentricities (a list) and being loyal to you (your blog) no matter what.
2. Write a tribute to your 5 most avid commenters
3. Share some of your favorite comments ever posted to your blog.
4. Giveaways and free prizes to loyal/lucky readers are always fun.
5. Thank your readers in any way you want.

So which should I choose, albeit a day late and a dollar short? Perhaps a combination of all five.

1. The Madonna Option. Now, you will need to picture me saying this in my England-via-Detroit accent as I will attempt to refrain from also discussing Kabbalah and macrobiotic diets: Dearest readers, thank you. For reading my stuff, commenting, emailing me your thoughts, telling me off, and--this past year especially--providing me with a genuine outlet for "social" interaction that has been therapeutic and wildly fun. Having said that, I read some of the earliest posts then read some from the past 14 months. Yikes. If anyone finds my writing mojo, send it to the address at the bottom of your screen. Nevertheless, thank you for continuing to read my drivel even when it's been about riveting and scintillating topics like my colon, my stomach lining, my bone marrow, and of course my diseased mind. I promise some more varied fare as soon as I am allowed some more varied life experiences.

2. Oooh. I can't single anyone out because I love all of the comments. Even the mean ones. The ones who power this site know who you are, and it would be a shell of an enterprise without your spirited input.

3. Some favorite comments. I just tried to go back and find some, but there are so many good ones. And also not knowing if the commenter really wants to be highlighted separately from the post, I'll just let you peruse yourselves rather than out anyone without their permission.

4. Giveaways and prizes. I love giveaways and prizes! But since I can't shop these days, I'd have to have a "Win My Used IPod" contest or "Free Homemade Construction Paper Greeting Card" sweepstakes. A bit lackluster for my taste. So how about we table the largesse till I'm allowed out and about? Then I'll have a real live Giveaway Extravaganza of Things I Found at The Dollar Store. Don't be a hater; you never know how much you'll love one of these till you get it free as a prize!

5. Thank readers in any way I want. Ooooh. So many options, especially for the hotties among you. ;) I'm going to think about this one a little more, especially when I've had more than 11 hours of sleep in 3 days...

In the meantime, even though it's not tax-deductible, just know that reading this blog can indeed by classified as charitable giving. I'm really lucky to have you all supporting me and cheering me on. Respeck!


Julie said...

I know you said, you can't single out your favorite commenters, but we know who they are :)

Utah Savage said...

I might get the prize for most annoying commenter. If so I'm terribly sorry. But I think this whole prize giving thing is a great idea. I was recently given the E for excellent award. I'm also endowed with the privilege of awarding it to some of my favorite bloggers. You are one of the finest. So, today, I bestow upon you the E for Excellent award. Liberality is the blogger who posses the actual award. She gave it to me. Since my computing skills are so poor rather than pick it up at my place, I'm going to send you to Liberality. She frequently post comments at my place, so drop on by and look for my post called "Feminism: Have We Come A Long Way Baby? She is in the comment thread. I'll let her know I'm sending you by to pick up your award.
Keep blogging. You have a real gift.