Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And Some Links...

I just found this awesome blog via Popehat. It's called Billville, and it's got everything for those who love books, reading and reading books. And lots of other stuff that is cool too. My insomnia thanks you, Bill.

Here is a Guide To Driving in Beijing During the Olympics for those of you insane enough to even consider such a thing. Having traversed those roads myself I can say with total surety: don't do it, mate!

An article from The Independent on ten options for solving the credit crisis, ahead of Gordon Brown's visit to the US.

That should keep you busy for now. If you swing that way, you'll be pleased to know I stumbled upon a very cogently-written piece of thought leadership in the British "newspaper" The News of the World. It was augustly entitled, "Stars With Boobs Out." You can go there yourself if you simply must see Bai Ling's nipples.

You're welcome.

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