Sunday, October 22, 2006

World Class Educashun

People often wonder how the DC schools can be so bad when more dollars are spent per student than almost any other school district in the nation. Well, I have a theory. When the leadership of a school thinks that this sign is okay to hang, even though it makes zero grammatical, syntactical or logical sense, you start to figure out that some of the problems may originate in places other than the students themselves.

What the h&ll does this sign mean? Did they forget a comma, so it's a "high, intellectual, performing" school? What does that mean? High what? Performing how?

Did they mean "highly intellectual and high-performing"? If this sign made it past their proofreading, then it's obviously none of the above.

Did they mean "high and intellectually performing?" Again, a meaningless statement. High what? Where? What does "intellectually peforming" indicate?

To riff on Ronald Reagan's call for the demolition of an old and broken way of doing things, I have one statement for DC's incoming Mayor: "Mr. Fenty, tear down this sign." Tear down everything that this sign represents: mediocrity, cluelessness, public embarrassment, and the shockingly poor education of our children.

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S said...

Totally don't have to post this comment! We finally watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on your recommendation and loved it! Thanks!