Saturday, October 14, 2006

GWB to World: "Whatever"

US News & World Report has the following article headline:

Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses

Why are we shocked by this?

The article goes on to discuss the irritation among members of the GOP that the President has no new ideas, had no news to really share or make in his press conference, and that he damned James Baker III (a key figure in his father's administration and still beloved among the GOP) with faint praise, calling him "an elder statesman," as he cochairs a bipartisan commission on the Iraq war.

Why are we surprised that George W. Bush is dimissive of everything going on today? He, you'll recall, said that the Iraq war would be "a comma" in the final history of the people of Iraq. He had no exit strategy for that war. He was dismissive of patriotic people who questioned the wisdom of starting that war. He is dismissive now of anyone who questions him on domestic policy.

George Bush has turned into (if he never was before) that kid you went to college with who was just the biggest a**hole, who was disrespectful, self-absorbed, overbearing in all the wrong ways, who seemed to live in a consequence-free environment made possible simply by not caring about the messes he made and his favorite blow-off/It's-Your-Problem comment of "Whatever."

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nms said...

Why should you go into election with some sort of expectation of losing? It is defeatist and thus is not a good idea.