Monday, October 23, 2006

Miss Manners

Bambina is a total star these days with her big girl manners. She is so good about saying please, thank you, excuse me, mostly with a little bit of prompting, ie, "it's not 'Mama! Elmo DVD! Now!' It's "Mama, Elmo DVD please." She's also been somewhat intrigued by the notion of being a big sister, pointing to the empty seat in the back of the car and saying, "Little sister!" She had been getting excited, mostly because she wants to show her little sister next year how to put on her seat belt in the car, I think. However, the reality of a coming sister is beginning to sink in a little bit when I say things like, "that will be your little sister's room," which is met with a look of disgust that some corner of the house will not belong exclusively to her anymore.

So this confluence of developmental milestones gave us the following exchange before bedtime tonight as we read a story that mentioned big and little sisters:

ME: "You'll be a big sister soon too."
Bambina: "Mmm hmmm."
ME: "That's right. You'll have a little sister soon!"
Bambina: "No thank you."

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Anonymous said...

Miss Manners reminds me of my eldest son, sometime around the age of 4. Rebutting a denied request: "But I said Please! That means you have to do it!"