Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm In Bed Early

I should be so lucky to have this be a ribald blog post.

Unfortunately, I am officially a senior citizen. I am in bed at 10pm, which is an hour later than I was hoping for. Today was a No Nap Day for Bambina. I don't need to tell you what that means if you have kids, know kids, or have been in the presence of kids sans naps. She doesn't get cranky, whiny or mean; she just gets ADHD. She gets really wound up and all I can do is watch her spin till she collapses in a heap...oh wait, I mean, till *I* collapse in a heap.

So the clothes came off, the sunflower headband went on, as did the purple belt. No underwear, no shirt, no socks. Just a very naked little kid jumping up and down yelling, "NAKED!! NAKED!!!NAKED!" Then riding her tricycle. Before renaming all of her stuffed animals with her name as a prefix, ie, Bambina = Mary, Dog = Fido, Dog is now: MaryFido, MaryKitty, MaryMoo, MaryPuppy. Then we sang that 60's tune called Charlie Brown--"He's a clown; that Charlie Brown; he's gonna get caught just you wait and see; why is everybody always pickin on me?" over and over and over. Then demanded over and over that I show her how to dance the "bebop," a word she heard on the Baby Loves Jazz CD, till I asked her to show me what she thought bebop would look like. So she danced and danced. Till she refused to go to the potty or put on a pull-up, and "had an accident" on my closet rug. Which, as it did in college, signalled the end of the evening for me. I learned long ago that whenever someone at your party urinates on your floor, it's time to break up the festivities.

And so she went to bed under protest, and five minutes later she was out like a light.

With any luck, in five minutes I will be too.
Night, night y'all!

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