Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hastert Has to Go

A far better-written piece than I could have put together, over at Frameshop

I'm sure GOP'ers will now trot out decades-old Ted Kennedy stuff to somehow justify protecting Mark Foley, as if that excuses their inaction in the face of a clear problem. The GOP impeached a President for "lying about" his illicit affair with a young staffer, and raked innumerable others over the legal coals to get to him. Surely the Republican leadership will attack this problem with the same zeal?

NB: And before anyone compares Foley to Clinton as a means of equating their actions, let's be clear on the facts: Clinton was involved in a consensual affair with an adult subordinate. Foley was sending sexual emails to 17 year old boys, none of whom, it seems, consented to the relationship. And let us recall that President Clinton was condemned for his extramarital activities by members of BOTH parties; Mark Foley was protected by the GOP for months. Any attempt to equate the two actions is an attempt to avoid responsibility by engaging in specious argumentation.

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