Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Energizer Bambina

Took Bambina to visit her GiGi and BB this weekend, and had a fabulous time. I always tell people that she "just doesn't stop" from 8am till 8pm, but I think the practical veracity of that statement doesn't sink in until they themselves spend those 12 hours in her whirlwind. I keep trying to conjure up or evoke the essence of her activity level and my sometimes-futile attempts to keep up, but I just can't always quite hit the mark of what I'm trying to express rhetorically. Until this weekend. After a particularly busy morning and lunch playing with her Super Fun Aunt outside, investigating all corners of the house inside, dressing up in her puppydog costume, pretending to be a dog on all fours, playing the piano, sitting on every one of GiGi's chairs like a game of musical chairs, singing ABCD like it was going out of style, it was finally nap time.

After getting her in her bed and wishing her a happy nappy, I finally sat down with Super Fun Aunt and blurted, "It's like owning a Jack Russell!"


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Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, E, that is how I've always felt about knowing YOU. "Cause you can't you won't you don't stop."