Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just Call Me Connie

At JHU the nurses come and call you in for treatment, scanning the room for a visual while speaking. Every time I’ve been called I see a look of surprise on the caller’s face that I am the bearer of my name, it being something more likely to be on the Titanic passenger manifest than in knee high boots and a kicky black outfit. Yup. I have one of those “classic” names that often ends up being a junior high schooler’s nightmare double-dog secret middle name. You know what I mean, Ms. Ashley Norma Wilson and Mr. Jake Elmer Brown. Except that I got it as a first name, and ain’t nuthin more character-building as a teen, more stereotype-defying as a young adult, and more humorous as a finally-secure in my not-Julie, not-Melissa thirty-somethingness. So I enjoy those looks of surprise when I see them, but I’m always curious to hear what person on the list the name-caller thought I’d be.

The biggest winner in my life to date by sheer volume of responses is…….Connie. Followed closely behind by Debbie and Kate. Go figure.

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